"Allyson’s expertise in fashion and retail are surpassed only by her passion. While working closely with her at WGSN, I watched her maintain her methodical journalistic professionalism and utilize it as a tool to achieve her creative vision. Allyson’s honed skills as a writer, combined with her keen fashion eye, make her a powerhouse – and rare gem – in the world of design publishing."
- Jean Lin, Founder, Colony

"Allyson is a true delight to work with. We collaborated during various international fashion weeks, Retail Safaris and Mexico regional coverage projects, and Allyson always brought unsurpassed talent and professionalism as both a journalist and a trend spotter. Her ample cultural knowledge, as well as her adaptability and understanding of the retail world, make her contributions authoritative and on point."
- Sofia Felix, Head of Fashion, El Palacio de Hierro

"Allyson is extremely professional, poised, and well-spoken. She brings focus and passion to each project she is involved with, and is always on top of her game. Most importantly, Allyson has a unique ability to manage a project on all ends - from initial research to final presentation and public speaking, she is constantly thinking ahead with an eye on the end result."
- Alison Stang, Director of Business Development, HL Group 
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